About Us

Nano Stage Studio

More Than Lessons

We offer various types of music classes, and in addition to that, we also organize student concerts. We firmly believe that besides attending classes and practicing, performing on stage is one of the key elements for improvement.



“Practise and Perform!”

Hi guys! I focus primarily on jazz music from the 1930s to 1960s. I enjoy jamming and performing with my students.

Besides taking lessons, performing is a great way to help students develop their musical skills, boost their confidence, and encourage them to continue practicing and improving.

“Persistence is the key!”

Learning music is like an adventure and sometimes you may hit a few bumps. If you keep going on this music journey, you will realize it is worth the time and effort! Whether you are taking lessons as a hobby or you are striving to become a musician, I personalize lesson plans to your needs and make the class fun.